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Who We Are
Hemyari Family Companies is nestled in Nashville, TN with a mission to help other companies grow. Our focus is in the pet industry where I can increase your company’s revenue and profitability with experienced coaching. I know that some pet industry consultants think they can help you, I hear it all the time. People that have never done what you do, never will. I do what YOU DO, daily. Let ME take YOU to the next level.

Your Passion Is The Business… And You Know The Potential Is Incredible. What Will Make It Take Off?

Learn what it takes to succeed. As a certified SWAT Operator, triathlete, helicopter and airplane pilot, and elite dog trainer, a real-estate guru and serial entrepreneur, this book teaches you what you need to be successful.

Our Services Include:

Sales Training

Brand Building

Marketing & Advertising


Cost Efficiency Analysis

Cash Flow


Corrective Behaivors

I can help you tell your story.

Ali Hemyari

I believe in God and without him, I would not be where I am today. I am a husband and father. I’ve started and run a full service advertising company. I’m heavily knowledged in residential and commercial banking, almost every aspect. I’ve trained over 1,000 sales people in how to increase their sales in various industries including health clubs, exotic car dealers, mortgage companies, and more. I specialize in grassroots start-ups and marketing. As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve built 10 different successful companies from scratch. I either sit on a board or as an advisor to philanthropic boards. I am a police officer, more-so, a SWAT operator. I am an experienced aviator – I fly both helicopters and airplanes. I’m a multi event tri-athlete. I work with celebrities weekly and am consistently hired by large companies and corporations.

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